Our story...

It began with a passion shared between two brothers. We grew up together in the seaside town of Laguna Beach, escaping to the waves every moment we could. Days consisted of surfing, swimming, paddleboarding, and enjoying the best things in life. When college came around, we parted ways- with Jon staying on the West coast and Dylan moving to the East. Being on opposite ends of the U.S.A. we started getting creative on how we can bring the coasts together.

Taking the traditional prep style of New England and adding the beach vibes of Southern California, we defined something fresh, yet timeless. Mariner West was born simply on the premise of bringing people together. Being the happy-go-lucky friends we are, we started this company in our dorm rooms. We felt the strong need to bring the cool and comfortable lifestyle to every person dedicated to living life to the fullest.

Our goal is to blend modern beach style with classic prep so that anyone can feel sand in their toes and salt in their hair. Through much trial and error, we have developed a line of products that reflect our brand and everything we stand for. That means every product is made using only the best materials and the highest quality craftsmanship, so that you may know what it means to have no shortage of good days. Life's a beach, live it up with Mariner West!

Thank you for your support!